Bridge in Mikosze

Bridge in Mikosze

In 2019, the road investment programme also included a project involving the demolition of the existing and construction of a new bridge over the Orzysza River in Mikosze*. Limitation of the load capacity of the object built in 1925 and long-term use and degradation caused the necessity of trucks and buses doing detours as long as 70 km.

*Mikosze – a village in Poland located in Warmińsko-Mazurskie Province, Pisz County, Orzysz Commune. Mikosze is located on the Orzysza River, by the national road No. 16 on the section from Orzysz to Mikołajki.

The new bridge will have a load capacity of 50 tons. The project also includes the construction of a one-sided sidewalk with a pedestrian and bicycle route. Certainly it will increase the safety of all users of the new facility. During the renovation, drivers will use a detour road and a temporary bridge.



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