We are an engineering company and we have been successfully operating on the Polish construction market for over 26 years. The scope of our activity revolves mainly around general contracting for bridge constructions and comprehensive civil engineering solutions. We specialise in technically complex projects, with short deadlines delivery, requiring an individual approach, bespoke solutions and smart and accurate logistics. We have an extensive experience in doing work on listed bridges and in conservation areas, as well as dealing with areas affected by flooding by doing repairs to flood damaged structures. We are market leaders among companies specialising in contracts requiring providing temporary bridges. We started our business activity in 1990 as MOST Sp. z o. o. Trade and Service Company Ltd. (Przedsiębiorstwo Usługowo-Handlowe MOST Sp. z o.o.) with its registered seat in Sopot. During that time, until 1994, we specialised in designing bridge structures and repairs to smaller engineering constructions. Since January 1994, under a new name, MOST Bridge Structures Works and Hydrotechnical Services Company Civil Law Partnership (Przedsiębiorstwo Robót Mostowych i Hydrotechnicznych MOST Spółka Cywilna) we had focused on construction, reconstruction and repairs of bridge structures. Due to a steady expansion in that area, the Civil Law Partnership Company evolved into a Registered Partnership in 2001 and in June 2003 both companies, MOST Sp. z o. o. Trade and Service Company Ltd. and MOST Bridge Structures Works and Hydrotechnical Services Registered Partnership Spółka Jawna merged to form a present MOST Sp. z o.o. Ltd. Company.

During our 26 years of business activity as a main contractor and a subcontractor, we have successfully completed approximately 250 construction projects. We were involved mostly in infrastructure projects such as: bridge constructions, conversions, remodelling and repairs to engineering structures, including motorway contracts, where we were responsible for delivering key motorway structures and crucial sections of the motorway route. We delivered our first major contract in 1997 involving renovation of 250 metres long flyover, which was a part of a national route No.22.

Moving on to more recently completed projects, it is worth mentioning the following:
• reconstruction of the Slupsk castle bridge completed in 2008
• construction of a small ring road around the town of Kwidzyn in 2009;
• reconstruction of the bridge over the river Nurzec in a place called Ciechanowiec completed in 2010, which included constructing a detour bridge on floating supports
• completion of ten bridge structures on the route of A2 motorway in 2011 – 2012 and assembly of acoustic screens on over 20-kilometre long Section C
• repairs to a bridge in Braniewo in 2012 (which included the construction and maintenance of a temporary bridge) and reconstruction of the drawbridge in Dziwnowo
• repairs to road bridge in Sochaczewo completed in 2013
• repairs to a major A road S7 in Szczyglice conducted in 2013-2014 and repairs to a road bridge in Pila
• construction of a brand-new road bridge in Mikołajki in 2014 including construction and maintenance of a temporary bridge
• refurbishment of the Old Town in Bydgoszcz conducted in 2014-2015 and construction of Brzozow bypass
The above-mentioned samples represent only a fraction of our experience in the industry. We invite you to see the list of all our projects and completed works. The prove of our experience and credibility is captured by the words of satisfaction and gratitude expressed by our existing clients and end users. We pride ourselves on numerous awards and accolades received within the industry.

The projects completed by our company received awards and commendations time and again in a prestigious competition organised by the Polish Association of Construction Engineers and Technicians (Polski Związek Inżynierów i Techników Budownictwa) entitled ‘Construction of the Year Award’ („Budowa Roku”). On a number of occasions, we also received „Gazele Biznesu” and Forbes Diamond awards. Especially memorable was 2009 when we came fourth among companies in our region. [na czwartym miejscu z pośród blad ort na poskiej str internetowej] In the intervening years of 2009 – 2012 we received grants for the Warmian-Masurian Branch of MOST Sp. z o.o. – which we received under The Regional Warmian and Masurian Operational Programme 2007-2013 and for the Kuyavian-Pomeranian Branch of MOST Sp. z o.o. under The Regional Kuyavian-Pomeranian Voivodeship Operational Programme.
We are working at present on remodelling and reconstruction of Poznan Flyovers along Krzywoustego Street (National Route No. 11), the construction of Olsztyn Bypass Stage 1 (National Route No.16), a reconstruction of a road bridge in Elblag (National Route No. 22). Please see our products and services and do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions.