Olsztyn Bypass

Crossing point for wildlife migration

We have begun works on construction of the Olsztyn Bypass. This is undoubtedly a much-needed project in this region. There will be a 10 km section of the south Olsztyn bypass built within a stretch of an existing national road route No.16 (Olsztyn West – Olsztyn South) – which will help to alleviate the traffic congestions in the Olsztyn city centre. We start our project with building a crossing point PZD-1A for wildlife migration. At present, we are working on all the abutments.

Location and scope of the project
The road will be located in the parishes of Gietrzwald i Stawiguda, it will bypass the southwest of the city. It will run from the road No.16 near a place called Kudypy, across the areas of Gronity i Tomaszkowo all the way to the junction with the road No.51. The project involves building a dual carriageway section of the bypass including access roads, reconstruction of selected local roads, building additional civil engineering constructions together with solutions preserving natural environment. The undertaking involves construction of the junction Olsztyn South where the bypass meets the No.51 road. The project will run under ‘Design and Build’ contract. The contractor will have to prepare a comprehensive, interdisciplinary revised documentation and specification for junctions in terms of construction design and drafting a revised documentation taking into consideration possible changes in terms of the basal reinforcement and revetment of embankments, including obtaining all necessary technical requirements, approvals, as well as assessments and permits

Importance of the project
The construction of Olsztyn Bypass will improve the road network around Olsztyn and transport conditions in the area. It will significantly reduce heavy traffic clogging the city centre and improve a long-distance transit, as well as short distance travel (between the city districts that are far apart or between neighbouring towns and villages.) Needless to say, the improved road links around the city and between neighbouring areas will have a positive impact on the general appeal of the region and it should make way to a more rapid economic development.

The contractor is a consortium of two companies: INTERCOR Sp. z o.o. (INTERCOR Ltd.) from Zawiercie and MOST Sp. z o.o. (MOST Ltd.) from Sopot. The said consortium budget for this road is 387.5 million PLN. The completion date stands at 28 months.